Monday, February 28, 2022

Corn Together

The sound of vehicle engines roared incessantly across the streets tonight. A flash of light in a shop instantly turns off, flashes for a moment accompanying the bright main lights. Under those lights Utuh Bakencong bought a packet of butter, half a kilo of sugar, and ketchup. He planned to bake some delicious corn.

This afternoon he had also invited his extended family to come to the house. It was in the courtyard of the house that he would carry out his plan. When he got home, his three nephews were already sitting in the living room.
Ahya, Ikrima, and Zakir looked at the plastic wrap that their uncle had brought.

"What's that, Uncle?" Ahya asked curiously.

"Butter, sugar, and tomato sauce," answered Utuh Bakencong.

"For the spread of grilled corn, yes, Uncle?" Zakir looks excited.

His uncle nodded, "Oh yeah, how about you guys help prepare the grilled corn spread?"

The three of them agreed to the invitation of Utuh Bakencong.

Soon, the three of them were busy mixing butter with sugar, butter with chilies, also pepper and salt. Meanwhile, Utuh Bakencong began to separate the corn from the skin. Since there are a lot of them, it will take some time to complete. Fortunately, his three nephews had already finished preparing the spread, so the three of them helped him finish this work.

Then they prepare charcoal in the yard. Slowly the fire began to burn until it became coals ready to burn the clean corn.
Their extended family also arrived, including Utuh Humbut and their two children. Once cooked, they enjoy it together. They felt the warm family atmosphere. (MJA).

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Utuh Bakencong and Utuh Humbut Watch Together

Even though his prediction was completely wrong regarding the results of the first leg of the 2020 AFF Cup final match, Utuh Bakencong was still excited to watch the prestigious championship in the second leg tonight. In fact, he invited Utuh Humbut to watch together to find out who the champion was, Indonesia or Thailand.

To make the atmosphere more exciting, he and Utuh Humbut prepared a delicious menu of food. Their families and neighbors also took part in this event. Their cheers accompanied a puff of smoke smelling of grilled chicken. Yes, they grilled fresh chicken meat with special seasoning.
At the beginning of this second leg match they were very happy because Indonesia managed to score a goal in the first half minutes. The happy faces were clearly visible there.
"It took three more goals to equalise!" cried Utuh Bakencong.

"It's tough, but you have to keep your spirits up!" said Utuh Humbut.

Meanwhile, their hands continued to fan the smoldering charcoal fire until the aroma of the grilled chicken became even more stinging.

On the other hand, the seconds of time do not want to stand still in the circle of the wall clock that is attached to the television. Just keep on ringing. 45 minutes the first half was over and some of the chicken meat was cooked. However, the two young men did not immediately devour him. They first asked the elders and children to eat this delicious dish. While some of the meat that is not yet cooked they continue to fan over the coals.

"This very tasty!" Praise Haji Firdaus.

"That's right. This is amazing!" his wife replied.

Utuh Bakencong and Utuh Humbut smiled to themselves.

Then after everything was cooked, they enjoyed this delicious menu while watching the second leg of the AFF Cup final between Indonesia versus Thailand. Both looked cheerful under the beautiful night sky. (MJA).

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Bersama Anak-Anak


Serangan Mematikan


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Replacing the Roof

Exactly at 11 pm Utuh Bakencong woke up from his sleep. He had woken up twice today. Previously at 4 o'clock this morning. Because he was tired after washing clothes, he fell fast asleep near the side door of his house.

Well, after waking up for the second time, he immediately opened the side door of his house. Then stretch the muscles, especially in the hands. And, how surprised he was when he saw the roof next to his house was badly damaged. Either because of the strong wind or other reasons.

"Wadduuuuh! How can you do this? It's so scary!" he muttered, shaking his head.

He continued to watch the broken roof for a while.

"This must be replaced immediately!" he cried in his heart.

Without wasting time, he rushed himself immediately brought some money and went straight to the building shop not far from his residence. Luckily the sun was hiding behind the clouds. He casually walked while carrying a bright plastic tin roof, tacks and rubber coating which he bought at an affordable price.

Shortly after he arrived home, the sun was shining brightly. The temperature slowly rises. The weather is getting brighter. However, he continued his struggle to replace the damaged roof with a new one.

While carrying a carpentry box, he was exposed to the scorching sun.

"Hot! Hot!" his voice slightly raised and repeated as he walked rather quickly.

That was why, before bringing the other items, he thought hard. He took the initiative to use an umbrella to protect him from the hot sun. Several children immediately laughed when they saw him carrying two sheets of plastic tin roof while holding an umbrella. Then he brought a thermos of hot food and hot tea in a teapot.

It was only after everything was complete that he began to remove the damaged plastic zinc one by one. Then replace it with a new one he bought.

Now, he has installed the new roof. The result is very neat.

"Well, if it's like this, isn't it great!" he muttered while smiling broadly with a happy heart. (MJA).


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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Menjaga Kesehatan


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Using Root

A washing machine the color of the cirrus cloudy sky has just been purchased by Utuh Bakencong this morning. Not really new, but just arrived at his house. So, he also called it a new washing machine.

His heart was very happy and his mind imagined how fun it would be to wash clothes with his new machine. For some time he was in a hallucination that seemed real.
However, how upset his heart was after he found out that the electricity in his house was out.
"Ah! The electricity has gone out! If it's like this, I'll have to do the laundry manually again!" he grumbled.

His face looked very angry. However, that does not necessarily make him lazy. Without wasting any time, he immediately washed all his dirty clothes. While his heart was still so angry. Yes, he spilled his frustration by rubbing and rinsing his clothes in a large basin.

He did it for about half an hour until all the clothes he washed were clean. Then one by one they are neatly dried. Fortunately the sun was daring to appear in front of him. Otherwise, maybe his heart will be more annoyed.

"Finally it's over. Feeling tired, but it's okay to count all morning exercise. And, I remember what Mr. Fattah said the other day, 'No rattan, so the roots will be.' He was right, he didn't use a washing machine, the manual method was done this morning. Mr. Fattah, Mr. Fattah. That's great, Mr. Fattah!" he exclaimed. (MJA)

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Singkong Keren


Sunday, February 20, 2022

Utuh Bakencong and Utuh Humbut Gossip


There seems to be nothing more delicious in the morning than a warm cup of coffee. Its distinctive aroma combined with a bitter sour taste makes the soul calm in the simplicity of life. That's what Utuh Humbut did on the front porch while waiting for Utuh Bakencong this morning.

"Very enjoyable!" he said in an honest mumble.

Meanwhile the sound of the vehicle's engine was passing in the air waves with a loud noise. And, some time later a greeting was heard from the direction of the rising sun.

"Assalamu'alaikum!" cried Utuh Bakencong.

Utuh Humbut replied happily.

"Tears?" asked Utuh Bakencong about his friend's news in the Bakumpai language.

"I'm well."

"Oh yeah, I heard a young man who lives back there was drunk at the market last night. I forgot his name."

"Oh that's Uncle Otong. His full name is Lontong Zaman. He was so drunk last night that some people carried him on a stretcher to his house."

"Wow! What the hell is going on that he's drunk like that?"

"Love problems. He failed to marry the woman he loved so much."

"Who is that woman?"

"Uncle Lamak's favorite daughter."

They seemed so excited to talk about Uncle Otong. Every now and then they both burst out laughing. Occasionally also enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

"Hopefully Uncle Otong will be fine," hoped Utuh Bakencong.

Utuh Humbut immediately agreed.

Shortly after, the two of them ended the casual conversation and went to the side of the house. Yes, some of the side walls of the house had to be repaired after strong winds hit the area last night. (MJA).

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Jalan Sehat


Friday, February 18, 2022

Cari Kesibukan


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Utuh Bakencong House Door Leaf Stolen

The grass was still wet when Utuh Bakencong did some simple exercise. Yes, just moving his body for a while under the Ashoka tree. And, how surprised he was when he saw the front door ofu his house like an empty tunnel.

"Wow! Where is my door?" he asked in surprise.

He looked around the door for some time. However, the door he was looking for was no longer there.

"Waaaaah what a thief did. What a nonsense! The door leaf was also stolen! If it's like this, I have to ask Utuh Humbut to help me make a new door leaf!" he muttered again.

He immediately contacted his close friend and conveyed his wish. Utuh Humbut swiftly went straight to the building shop to buy wood, zinc, and nails as materials for making doors. Meanwhile, Utuh Bakencong waited patiently on the terrace of his house.

Soon what he had been waiting for arrived. Slowly the two of them lowered the wood and zinc from the top of the cart and placed the materials in the front yard of the house.

"Drink first!" Utuh Bakencong invites Utuh Humbut to enjoy brewing coffee that is still warm before their main work is done.

After the coffee was over, the two of them worked hand in hand to make the door leaf until it was finished. (MJA).

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Is Hungry

That afternoon the sun was so eager to evaporate water from the earth's surface. The temperature also increased than usual until everything was hot. That is why, Utuh Bakencong has already drunk the two bottles of mineral water he bought.

However, water does not necessarily make the stomach full. When he got home, he immediately took the plate and imagined how delicious the rice would be with his favorite side dish. but what happened? He found an empty pot. Likewise with rice containers that have no contents anymore.

Now, he felt his stomach warm and his body began to limp. He looked at the fridge and hoped there was something still to eat. And this time luck was on his side. Yes, there is a pack of brains.

Without thinking, he immediately took the portable stove, frying pan, and other cooking utensils. Soon the brains immediately slid into the frying pan.

Because he was too hungry, when the brains were still hot, he bit him and his mouth was hot. After he blows it up, then he can enjoy it with joy. (MJA).

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Accompany Utuh Humbut Craftsman

The houses of the two youths are not far apart. If you walk, the distance between their two houses can be reached in just two minutes. So, it is not surprising that the two often visit each other. Like this morning, when Utuh Humbut was repairing the ceiling, Utuh Bakencong came to him.

And it was the habit of Whole Humbut when he had something to do, he always served delicious cakes and drinks on the terrace of the house. The reason is simple, to get him excited while the work is taking place. It is also what makes Utuh Bakencong always interested in participating in eating and drinking it.

This morning was no exception, he immediately turned to look at the delicious cakes on the table not far from where he was standing. After seeing his friend sawing plywood in the house, he immediately ate the cake secretly. In addition, he also put two cakes into his pants pocket.

Not long after, he greeted Utuh Humbut.

"What are you doing?"

"This is again cutting plywood to replace the damaged ceiling."

"Broken by what?"

"It's raining."

"That means the roof is leaking."

"That's right."

Utuh Bakencong also accompanied and helped Utuh Humbut replace the ceiling until it was finished.

"After this what's on your agenda?" Utuh Bakencong opened the conversation again.

"There's work at Lulut river."

"Wow, that's far. What do you go up there?"

"Just ride a motorbike to get there faster."

They continued to talk for some time. Not long after, the two of them separated to their respective places. (MJA).

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Monday, February 14, 2022

Tempat Sendok Paling Murah


Meja Unik


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Enjoying Breakfast

The ingredients to make this breakfast menu are readily available in front of Utuh Bakencong. He also swiftly processed all the ingredients. Starting from slicing garlic, shallots, to chopping tempeh into small blocks the size of an adult man's little finger.

Without wasting time, he immediately heated a medium-sized skillet on the stove. Then he poured the cooking oil slowly into the frying pan which was starting to heat up. After the oil is hot, fry the sliced ​​onions until they smell good. While other ingredients follow to be cooked.

Now, he is frying catfish which is so appetizing. The fish is seasoned with a special recipe. No need to wait long, the special fish dish is already cooked. The result really makes the heart can not wait to immediately devour it.

Now for the sambal business, he always uses chilies of choice from his own garden. Yes, he grows and picks his own chilies beside his house. Inevitably, the fragrant aroma of chili sauce increasingly tempts the sense of smell.

"Now it's all ready to eat!" he exclaimed with joy.

Not long after, he ate the processed menu very voraciously. (MJA).

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Is Busy

Out of nowhere the plastic waste, leaves, and paper that littered Utuh Bakencong's yard came from. For five minutes he continued to remove all the garbage with a broom stick. Looks like his efforts are starting to pay off. Some of the front yard of his house already looks clean.

Occasionally he rested for a moment, then resumed his cleaning activities again.

"I'm tired too. But, at least my body moves as a light exercise this morning. Cheer up!" he exclaimed.

Seconds turned to minutes and one minute had completed this collection of minutes it had become an hour since the young man had started his activities after this dawn. The yard is already clean. Even so, he can't immediately relax because there are other jobs waiting for him.

Yes, there is still wet sand that he must dry and also the food that he must cook. Slowly but surely he removed the sand from the sack and leveled it on a floor mat. Then he dried it.

After cleaning his hands, he headed straight for the kitchen. There was raw chicken, spices, and other things that he was ready to use to cook honey-roasted chicken. Likewise with the cooking utensils he has prepared everything.

Without wasting time, he immediately lit a fire until the charcoal was smoldering. Then he put the seasoned chicken on it. Occasionally he fanned the embers and also flipped the chicken so that it cooked evenly.

Now, the menu is ready to eat.

"Very tasty!" he said after feeling the pleasure of the honey roasted chicken. (MJA).

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Surat Cinta yang Ditunggu


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Fishing Toman

Since last night, Utuh Bakencong has intended to fish for Toman beside his house. Geographically, his house is not far from a large river. Sometimes there's just the biggest and wildest snakehead fish pacing beside the house. Especially during high tide a few days ago.

To fulfill his intention, since the morning prayer he had prepared fishing equipment. Starting from tying a hook with a fishing rod or fishing line that has been installed at the end of the rod to a bucket for fish containers.

At first he fished in a standing position. Because his legs were tired, he sat down on a small chair. Of course, he did not forget to enjoy the hot coffee so that his eyes are not sleepy while avoiding boredom. He drank a glass after a glass of coffee.

"This is my sixth cup of coffee, but so far no toman has grabbed my bait!" he muttered annoyed.

He took another sip of the coffee in his hand. And, while he was enjoying the coffee, a big toman grabbed his fishing rod.

Hastily he put the coffee cup on the floor and immediately took a position ready to attract the fish that grabbed it. Without hesitation, he immediately pulled firmly. And, he stumbled. While the fishing line broke. His heart was very irritated. He slammed his rod into the water very hard. While his face looks really showing great annoyance. Then with hasty steps, he left the place. (MJA).

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Memasak Itu Indah


Utuh Bakencong Selling Online

Utuh Bakencong activities can be said to be very diverse. Sometimes he does carpentry, gardening, and many more, even cooking various menus he also does. Well this time, he is very persistent in selling his wares online. For him, selling online is a challenge that is interesting to do.

Interesting because a number of skills he has can be used to the fullest. For example, in the world of photography, he can use these skills to take photos of the goods he sells. The rest, he promotes online.

However, the photos did not get a response from the market. He also thought hard to sell his wares.

"Confused too. How can I get more people interested in buying my merchandise?" The question was running through his mind over and over again.

Some time later he had a brilliant idea. Yes, selfies. He took selfies holding the items he was selling one by one. Of course he poses as attractive as possible so that potential buyers want to buy everything.

After that, he uploaded all the selfies on social media.

"Wow! Someone ordered!" he cried some time after he had waited.

He looked very happy. And, there is another message. And so on until all the merchandise sells.

Now, it's time for him to start preparing for the delivery of the goods to the buyers. Slowly, one by one, everyone was in their respective packages. He immediately sent everything. (MJA).

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Utuh Bakencong Berjualan Daring

Serial Santuy Utuh Bakencong

Aktivitas Utuh Bakencong bisa dikatakan sangat beragam. Terkadang bertukang, berkebun, dan banyak lagi, bahkan memasak beraneka menu juga ia kerjakan. Nah kali ini, ia sangat gigih menjual barang dagangannya secara daring atau online. Baginya, berjualan daring menjadi tantangan tersendiri yang menarik untuk dilakukan. 

Menarik karena sejumlah keterampilan yang ia miliki dapat digunakannya secara maksimal. Misalnya saja dalam dunia fotografi, ia dapat menggunakan keterampilan itu untuk memfoto barang-barang yang dijualnya. Selebihnya, ia promosikan secara daring. 

Meski demikian, hasil foto-fotonya ternyata kurang mendapatkan respon pasar. Ia pun berpikir keras agar barang-barang dagangannya laku. 

"Bingung juga. Bagaimana caranya ya agar banyak orang tertarik membeli barang-barang daganganku ini?" pertanyaan itu berulang-ulang mencecar pikirannya. 

Beberapa waktu kemudian ia mendapatkan ide cemerlang. Ya, foto selfi. Dirinya berfoto selfi dengan memegang barang-barang yang dijualnya itu satu per satu. Tentu saja ia berpose semenarik mungkin agar para calon pembeli mau membeli semuanya. 

Setelah itu barulah ia unggah semua foto selfinya tersebut di sosial media. 

"Wah! Ada yang pesan!" serunya beberapa waktu setelah ia menunggu. 

Dirinya terlihat sangat kegirangan. Dan, ada lagi yang pesan. Begitu seterusnya hingga semua barang dagangannya laku. 

Kini, saatnya ia mulai menyiapkan pengiriman barang-barang tersebut ke tempat para pembeli. Perlahan satu demi satu semuanya sudah berada di bungkusan masing-masing. Ia pun segera mengirimkan semuanya. (MJA).

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Runs Out of Oil

It has become a habit for Utuh Bakencong to enjoy a cup of warm black coffee every afternoon. This afternoon, for example, he went to the kitchen to heat water to brew coffee. And, how disappointed he was because the kerosene in the stove had run out.

He also looked very sad and confused because kerosene was scarce in his area.

"Ouch! If it's like this, how can I cook?" he asked quietly.

To convey the turmoil of his heart, he twirled the winnow and played with the spatula. Not long after, he accidentally saw a stove in the corner of his kitchen.

"Oh yeah. I kept the stove there a few months ago!" his memories flowed as fast as his vision.

Inevitably, his heart was overjoyed. He hurriedly took the object and luckily there was still firewood in his kitchen.

"Excellent!" he exclaimed.

Excitedly, he lit the wood and heated the water. So, this afternoon he too can feel the pleasure of brewing warm black coffee. (MJA)

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Utuh Bakencong sedang Sibuk

Serial Santuy Utuh Bakencong

Entah dari mana sampah plastik, dedaunan, dan kertas yang mengotori halaman rumah Utuh Bakencong itu berasal. Sudah lima menit ia terus menyingkirkan semua sampah tersebut dengan sebuah sapu lidi. Terlihat usahanya mulai membuahkan hasil. Sebagian halaman depan rumahnya sudah terlihat bersih.

Sesekali ia beristirahat sejenak, lalu melanjutkan aktivitas bersih-bersihnya kembali. 

"Lelah juga ternyata. Tapi, setidaknya tubuhku bergerak sebagai olahraga ringan pagi ini. Semangat!" serunya.

Detik berganti menit dan satu menit telah menggenapi kumpulan menit ini telah menjadi satu jam sejak pria muda itu memulai aktivitasnya sesudah subuh tadi. Halaman rumahnya pun sudah bersih. Meski begitu, tak serta-merta ia dapat langsung bersantai karena masih ada pekerjaan-pekerjaan lain menantinya. 

Ya, masih ada pasir basah yang harus ia jemur dan juga bahan makanan yang wajib ia masak. Perlahan tapi pasti ia mengeluarkan pasir dari karung dan meratakannya di sebuah alas lantai. Kemudian ia menjemurnya. 

Setelah membersihkan kedua tangannya, ia langsung menuju dapur. Ada ayam mentah, bumbu, dan lainnya yang siap ia gunakan untuk memasak ayam panggang madu. Begitu pula dengan peralatan masaknya sudah ia siapkan semuanya.

Tanpa membuang waktu, ia segera menyalakan api hingga arang-arang itu memebara. Selanjutnya ia letakkan ayam yang sudah dilumuri bumbu di atasnya. Sesekali ia mengipasi bara api dan juga membolak-balik ayam agar matang merata. 

Kini, menu masakannya sudah siap disantap.

"Sangat lezat!"  ungkapnya setelah merasakan nikmatnya ayam panggang madu tersebut. (MJA). 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Yang Penting Makan


Monday, February 7, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Kehabisan Minyak

Serial Santuy Utuh Bakencong

Sudah menjadi kebiasaan Utuh Bakencong setiap sore menikmati seduhan secangkir kopi hitam yang hangat. Sore ini, misalnya, ia ke dapur hendak memanaskan air untuk menyeduh kopi. Dan, betapa kecewanya ia karena minyak tanah di dalam kompornya sudah habis. 

Dirinya pun terlihat sangat sedih dan bingung karena minyak tanah sedang langka di daerahnya. 

"Aduuuh! Kalau seperti ini, bagaimana aku bisa memasak?" tanyanya lirih.

Untuk menawarkan kegalauan hatinya, ia memutar-mutar tampah dan memainkan sudip. Tak lama kemudian, tanpa sengaja ia melihat sebuah tungku di sudut ruang dapurnya. 

"Oh iya ya. Aku, 'kan menyimpan tungku itu beberapa bulan lalu di sana!" ingatannya mengalir sejurus dengan penglihatannya.

Tak pelak lagi, hatinya sangat gembira. Bergegas ia ambil benda tersebut dan untunglah masih ada simpanan kayu bakar juga di dapurnya.

"Mantap!" serunya.

Dengan semangat, ia menyalakan kayu dan memanaskan air. Maka, sore ini ia pun dapat merasakan kenikmatan seduhan kopi hitam yang hangat. (MJA)

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Mari Berkebun!


Friday, February 4, 2022

Ini tentang Televisi


Utuh Bakencong Menyiapkan Perbekalan Piknik

Serial Santuy Utuh Bakencong

Sebenarnya ide piknik sudah muncul di kepalanya dua minggu lalu. Tapi lantaran kesibukannya yang tidak bisa ditawar-tawar, baru hari ini ia berusaha keras akan mewujudkannya. Begitulah Utuh Bakencong yang banyak memiliki banyak ide dalam hidupnya.

Kini, semua perlengkapan sudah ia siapkan. Ya, tinggal memasukkan saja ke dalam ransel miliknya. Sambil duduk, dirinya membayangkan betapa indahnya panorama pegunungan yang akan didatanginya nanti. 

"Baiklah sudah saatnya aku memasukkan semua perlengkapan ke dalam tas ini!" gumamnya.

Dan, betapa terkejutnya Utuh Bakencong mengetahui ada bungkusan makanan basi di dalam tas itu. Terpaksa ia tidak dapat menggunakan ransel tersebut karena bau yang tak sedap. 

Ia pun berpikir keras dan ingatannya tertuju pada lemari di dalam gudang. Ada sebuah tas di sana, tapi ukurannya kecil. Untuk menyiasatinya ia memotong celana panjangnya, mengganti baju kaos berlengan pendek dengan kaos oblong, dan lain sebagainya.

Akhirnya ia dapat berangkat dengan perlengkapan seadanya. (MJA). 

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Aktivitas Malam


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Menikmati Sarapan

Serial Santuy Utuh Bakencong

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat menu sarapan pagi ini sudah tersedia lengkap di hadapan Utuh Bakencong. Ia pun dengan sigap mengolah semua bahan tersebut. Mulai dari mengiris bawang putih, bawang merah, hingga memotong-motong tempe menjadi balok-balok kecil seukuran jari kelingking pria dewasa. 

Tanpa buang waktu, wajan berukuran sedang segera ia panaskan di atas kompor. Selanjutnya minyak goreng dituangkannya perlahan ke dalam penggorengan yang mulai memanas itu. Setelah minyak panas, ditumisnya irisan-irisan bawang hingga beraroma sedap. Sedang bahan-bahan lainnya menyusul untuk dimasak.

Kini, ia menggoreng ikan patin yang begitu menggugah selera. Ikan itu dibumbuinya dengan resep spesial. Tak perlu menunggu lama, sajian ikan istimewa itu pun sudah matang. Hasilnya sungguh membuat hati tak sabar untuk segera melahapnya.

Nah untuk urusan sambal, ia selalu menggunakan cabai pilihan dari kebunnya sendiri. Ya, ia menanam dan memetik sendiri cabai di samping rumahnya. Tak pelak lagi, aroma sambal yang semerbak kian menggoda indra pembauannya. 

"Sekarang semuanya sudah siap disantap!" serunya kegirangan.

Tak lama kemudian, ia menyantap menu olahannya tersebut dengan sangat lahap. (MJA).

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Mari Membaca