Monday, February 28, 2022

Corn Together

The sound of vehicle engines roared incessantly across the streets tonight. A flash of light in a shop instantly turns off, flashes for a moment accompanying the bright main lights. Under those lights Utuh Bakencong bought a packet of butter, half a kilo of sugar, and ketchup. He planned to bake some delicious corn.

This afternoon he had also invited his extended family to come to the house. It was in the courtyard of the house that he would carry out his plan. When he got home, his three nephews were already sitting in the living room.
Ahya, Ikrima, and Zakir looked at the plastic wrap that their uncle had brought.

"What's that, Uncle?" Ahya asked curiously.

"Butter, sugar, and tomato sauce," answered Utuh Bakencong.

"For the spread of grilled corn, yes, Uncle?" Zakir looks excited.

His uncle nodded, "Oh yeah, how about you guys help prepare the grilled corn spread?"

The three of them agreed to the invitation of Utuh Bakencong.

Soon, the three of them were busy mixing butter with sugar, butter with chilies, also pepper and salt. Meanwhile, Utuh Bakencong began to separate the corn from the skin. Since there are a lot of them, it will take some time to complete. Fortunately, his three nephews had already finished preparing the spread, so the three of them helped him finish this work.

Then they prepare charcoal in the yard. Slowly the fire began to burn until it became coals ready to burn the clean corn.
Their extended family also arrived, including Utuh Humbut and their two children. Once cooked, they enjoy it together. They felt the warm family atmosphere. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.