Thursday, February 10, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Selling Online

Utuh Bakencong activities can be said to be very diverse. Sometimes he does carpentry, gardening, and many more, even cooking various menus he also does. Well this time, he is very persistent in selling his wares online. For him, selling online is a challenge that is interesting to do.

Interesting because a number of skills he has can be used to the fullest. For example, in the world of photography, he can use these skills to take photos of the goods he sells. The rest, he promotes online.

However, the photos did not get a response from the market. He also thought hard to sell his wares.

"Confused too. How can I get more people interested in buying my merchandise?" The question was running through his mind over and over again.

Some time later he had a brilliant idea. Yes, selfies. He took selfies holding the items he was selling one by one. Of course he poses as attractive as possible so that potential buyers want to buy everything.

After that, he uploaded all the selfies on social media.

"Wow! Someone ordered!" he cried some time after he had waited.

He looked very happy. And, there is another message. And so on until all the merchandise sells.

Now, it's time for him to start preparing for the delivery of the goods to the buyers. Slowly, one by one, everyone was in their respective packages. He immediately sent everything. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.