Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Using Root

A washing machine the color of the cirrus cloudy sky has just been purchased by Utuh Bakencong this morning. Not really new, but just arrived at his house. So, he also called it a new washing machine.

His heart was very happy and his mind imagined how fun it would be to wash clothes with his new machine. For some time he was in a hallucination that seemed real.
However, how upset his heart was after he found out that the electricity in his house was out.
"Ah! The electricity has gone out! If it's like this, I'll have to do the laundry manually again!" he grumbled.

His face looked very angry. However, that does not necessarily make him lazy. Without wasting any time, he immediately washed all his dirty clothes. While his heart was still so angry. Yes, he spilled his frustration by rubbing and rinsing his clothes in a large basin.

He did it for about half an hour until all the clothes he washed were clean. Then one by one they are neatly dried. Fortunately the sun was daring to appear in front of him. Otherwise, maybe his heart will be more annoyed.

"Finally it's over. Feeling tired, but it's okay to count all morning exercise. And, I remember what Mr. Fattah said the other day, 'No rattan, so the roots will be.' He was right, he didn't use a washing machine, the manual method was done this morning. Mr. Fattah, Mr. Fattah. That's great, Mr. Fattah!" he exclaimed. (MJA)

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.