Friday, February 11, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Is Busy

Out of nowhere the plastic waste, leaves, and paper that littered Utuh Bakencong's yard came from. For five minutes he continued to remove all the garbage with a broom stick. Looks like his efforts are starting to pay off. Some of the front yard of his house already looks clean.

Occasionally he rested for a moment, then resumed his cleaning activities again.

"I'm tired too. But, at least my body moves as a light exercise this morning. Cheer up!" he exclaimed.

Seconds turned to minutes and one minute had completed this collection of minutes it had become an hour since the young man had started his activities after this dawn. The yard is already clean. Even so, he can't immediately relax because there are other jobs waiting for him.

Yes, there is still wet sand that he must dry and also the food that he must cook. Slowly but surely he removed the sand from the sack and leveled it on a floor mat. Then he dried it.

After cleaning his hands, he headed straight for the kitchen. There was raw chicken, spices, and other things that he was ready to use to cook honey-roasted chicken. Likewise with the cooking utensils he has prepared everything.

Without wasting time, he immediately lit a fire until the charcoal was smoldering. Then he put the seasoned chicken on it. Occasionally he fanned the embers and also flipped the chicken so that it cooked evenly.

Now, the menu is ready to eat.

"Very tasty!" he said after feeling the pleasure of the honey roasted chicken. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.