Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Penjajahan Harus Dihapuskan dari Muka Bumi


Sunday, March 27, 2022

Teleportasi Menyenangkan


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Menulis Adalah Kenikmatan


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Salah Bawa Tas


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Kado Spesial


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Prepares Picnic Supplies

Actually the idea of a picnic had popped into his head two weeks ago. But because of his non-negotiable busyness, only today is he trying hard to make it happen. That's Utuh Bakencong who has many ideas in his life.

Now, all the equipment has been prepared. Yes, just put it in his backpack. While sitting, he imagined how beautiful the panoramic view of the mountains would be.

"Well it's about time I put all the equipment in this bag!" he muttered.

And, how surprised Utuh Bakencong found out there was a package of stale food in the bag. He was forced to not be able to use the backpack because of the bad smell.

He was thinking hard and his memory was fixed on the cupboard in the warehouse. There was a bag there, but it was small. To work around this, he cut his trousers, changed short-sleeved shirts with T-shirts, and so on.

Finally he was able to leave with minimal equipment. (MJA).

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Rak Buku Paling Modern


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Santuy Series: Stealing the Dough

It's still too early. The dew looks so comfortable hanging on the ripe leaves. Up there, a collection of black clouds forms the backdrop for an exotic naturalist painting. Meanwhile, Utuh Bakencong is busy preparing equipment for making dumplings. Like at this time he was busy with a basin. While staring intently, he turned the concave object made of thin white steel carefully.

"Having holes or not, is this basin?" he asked himself over and over again.

Not satisfied with the results of his sense of sight, he took an old kettle filled with water. Slowly he poured the water into the basin. And, after making sure there was no dripping water, then he prepared the ingredients for making the buns.

There is flour, cornstarch, white butter, liquid coconut milk, yeast, chicken eggs, sugar, and a little salt. Carefully, one by one he mixed the ingredients according to the recipe that Acil Binjai gave him. Yes, that's how these young women are usually called by society. A woman who is very adept at cooking in a variety of daily menus.

Like a master rower, Utuh Bakencong continued to knead the dough for the buns so that it quickly became smooth. Starting from pressing to beating the dough mercilessly.

Now, it's time for the dough to be covered with plastic.

After an hour, Utuh Bakencong opened the lid of the dough. Oh, how sad her heart. How not? It turned out that the dough he made did not rise. This means that the process of making the buns by him failed miserably.

In the midst of his turmoil, he accidentally heard acil Binjai's words with someone through the telephone line. Acil Binjai in the conversation said he was making bakpao and soon he could be left behind.

Instantly an idea flashed and landed in Utuh Bakencong's head. That's right, he just thought of stealing the dough for the buns from his next door neighbor. Without wasting an opportunity, Utuh Bakencong sneaked in and managed to steal the dough made by Acil Binjai.

For him, this was part of his revenge for being annoyed that Acil Binjai had lied to him about the recipe for making dumplings. The young woman who likes to chew betel nut is also known as a liar.

Nevertheless, Utuh Bakencong finally handed over the cooked buns to Acil Binjai and enjoyed the deliciousness together. (MJA)

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Makan Apa Adanya


Friday, March 18, 2022

Unexpected Chicken Coop

 (Utuh Bakencong Relaxing Series)

The heavy rain did not dampen Utuh Bakencong's intention to make the flower rack of his dreams. Armed with an umbrella he braved the splashing water from the sky. The cold wet air also couldn't hold his stride. He kept walking and he arrived at a place where people were selling building wood.

Arriving there, Gayam's uncle was not there. The wood seller was eating at Haruan's small shop. For some time, Utuh Bakencong waited, waiting until Uncle Gayam appeared in front of him. And, like ripe fruit on a tree, Utuh Bakencong finally brought home four logs under the rain and cold wet air.

"Tired of carrying wood too. It's raining again. Luckily, the ingredients are there. Now all you have to do is make the flower rack. Oh flower rack!" he muttered, smiling to himself at the thought of a beautiful flower rack.

Not long after, he also prepared tools such as hammer, saw, and his meter. Yes, this young man has been fond of carpentry since childhood. So it's only natural that he likes to buy equipment in that world.

"Now all the equipment is ready for use. Time to move!' he exclaimed.

Utuh Bakencong began to measure the length of the wood he needed. Her heart is blossoming. While his mind is in the shadow of the beautiful ornamental plants on the flower rack of his dreams later.

Then he carefully sawed one by one into short pieces.

While unwinding after sawing, he mumbled, "I'm done chopping up these four logs."

Slowly he put all the pieces of wood on the floor. Meanwhile the image of the ornamental plants in his head had disappeared somewhere. He looked closely at the cut in front of him.

"Wait! Looks like these pieces didn't go according to plan. Oops! I'll check again!" he muttered.

For a few moments he was very serious observing everything.

"Yeah, right, this turns out to be wrong! If you want to make a flower rack, it's not like this in length! Wadduuuuuuh! So what can you make of these woods?" Whole Bakencong was really confused.

He leaned back in the long chair with a blocked mind and a broken heart.

And, suddenly an idea popped into his head, "Yes! I know now! I'm going to build a chicken coop with these pieces of wood. That's right, a chicken coop!"

Without wasting any time, he immediately moved to make a chicken coop that was beyond his expectation. One by one the pieces of wood are assembled into a strong frame. Then he put the wire as the wall. Do not forget he also made the cage door.

"Finally finished!" he cried with joy. (MJA)

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Makan atau Tidur?


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Dudukan Ponsel Berbahan Tusuk Sate


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Visiting the Cultural House of Tajuddin Noor Ganie

(Utuh Bakencong Relaxing Series)

The sound of the kelotok engine accompanies Utuh Bakencong enjoying the exotic beauty of the Kuin River. This is his second trip. Yes, before that he departed from his house to and arrived at North Alalak. Well, after he talked at length with his friend who is a Dayak Berangas in the area, then he got on this kelotok boat. Now he has one hope, to meet Mr. Tajuddin Noor Ganie, his friend and at the same time the famous Banjar culturalist.

Actually the kelotok he was riding did not stop right in front of Mr. Tajuddin's house. He had to walk again about 500 meters from the harbor to get to his friend's house. It's been a tiring journey.

Step by step continued to leave traces of history and he was standing tall in front of Mr. Tajuddin's fence. His heart was happy because his friend looked healthy on the front porch of the house.

"Assalamualaikum!' cried Utuh Bakencong.

"Wa'alaikumussalam!" said Mr. Tajuddin.

"I'm in, shall I?"

"Yes please!"

Slowly, Utuh Bakencong opened the fence in front of him, then walked over to the friendly host.

"Long time no see. How are you?" Utuh Bakencong opened the conversation again.

"Thank God I'm fine. Where are you from?"

"From North Alalak. Last night a friend there called and invited me to his house. I said yes and we were having fun chatting at his house."

The two of them continued to talk happily, including about the world of writing. Occasionally they also enjoy steeping hot tea and fresh bananas.

Although it looks fun, but actually Utuh Bakencong's heart feels sad because this friend can no longer write literature and others. The culturalist, who is also known as a national writer, said that stroke sufferers were not encouraged to think hard. When writing the brain works very hard to produce quality writing.

Utuh Bakencong tries to cheer up his friend with words that contain life's motivation. He knows very well that writing is like the heart for his friend. Without writing, it is certain that his life will feel very empty.

And, since it was noon, it didn't feel good for him to stay there. Gently, Utuh Bakencong said goodbye to his house. (MJA).

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Menikmati Menu Istimewa


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Tajuddin Becomes A Youtuber and Shares Bakencong

It has been a year since Tajuddin Noor Ganie has been active as a YouTuber. At first he was doubtful, to the point that he expressed his desire to Utuh Bakencong for mere discussion. This young man was surprised when he found out at that time.

There is quite a lot of content published by Tajuddin as a YouTuber. Everything is not far from the world in which they are involved. There are about poetry, short stories, novels, drama, and culture in general. However, not many subscribe to or subscribe to the channel. He was confused and sad. That's when he remembered Utuh Bakencong. Without further ado he called his friend and asked to come to his house.

Utuh Bakencong was happy to fulfill Tajuddin's request.

"What the hell did you ask me to be here for?" asked Utuh Bakencong curiously.

"I just wanted to talk."

"About what?"

"My activity as a YouTuber."

"That's fine. What's the problem with YouTube?"

"Look, as you know, I've been active on YouTube for a year. I've published a lot of content, but very few people have subscribed to my channel."

"Oh the Trisakti Diamond?"

"So true"

The two of them continued to discuss until Utuh Bakencong was confused. Because all the ideas he proposed could not be implemented by Mr. Tajuddin. For example, the idea of ​​creating content for traveling from one city to another is too heavy because it requires a lot of funds. Other ideas, such as making short films with other writers also need big funds.

Instead of getting caught up in the disquieting confusion, they distract themselves by enjoying the delicious torn cake dipped in tea water. And, it doesn't feel like it's already noon. Utuh Bakencong, who did have a schedule to leave for Kapuas this afternoon, was forced to leave Tajuddin without a satisfactory outcome of the discussion. (MJA).

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Pulling Out The "Style" Utuh Bakencong Grass

The wind was blowing gently from the east that afternoon. From a distance, it looks like Utuh Bakencong is engrossed in pulling grass in his yard. True, although he likes to joke, this young man is actually diligent in his life.

While continuing to move his hands, he muttered, "While I have free time like this, I'd better use it to pull the grass."

Yes, it has become a habit when he is at work he likes to mumble. The reasons are unique and make you laugh. He said, with that he felt he was accompanied by a beautiful angel from the third sky.

And, for him, cleanliness is beauty in itself, including being clean from weeds that irritate the heart. When the eye sees its beauty, the soul feels comfortable and happy.

In his yard, he also grows laos, temulawak, and others. Without exception, the grass also grows on the sidelines. That's why, in this section he had to slowly pull it out so as not to damage the kitchen plants.

"Now it's time to weed in the backyard!" he muttered as he walked with the bucket as a container for the grass that had been pulled out.

There's more grass back here than on the side. This makes Utuh Bakencong have to exert extra strength. Well, when pulling grass whose roots penetrated the ground rather deeply, he fell backwards because the top part of the grass broke off. The roots are too strong to grip the ground. That's why he decided to use a machete to make it easier to pull out the grass.

Meanwhile the sun continues to inching towards the west. The tree branches covered some of the reddish-orange light. Seeing such nature, he ended his activities this afternoon.

"I got two, first healthy and second clean. Great!" he muttered again as he enjoyed a refreshing drink under the late afternoon sky. (MJA).

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Memanfaatkan yang Ada


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Utuh Bakencong and Cat Palace

A WhatsApp message was received by Utuh Bakencong tonight. He also read the message from uncle Banu carefully. It contained a job offer to repair Haji Hirang's house complete with an address and accompanied by an appeal so that he would accept the job. Yes, it is said that Haji Hirang is a very rich person so there is no need to think about payment. Just come, work, then get paid. In fact, there may even be an added bonus after the job is done. Without thinking, he immediately agreed.

The next day complete with handyman equipment, he went to the house. And, when he arrived in front of Haji Hirang's house, he was suddenly surprised.

"Is this really his house? But, how small is it? Isn't Haji Hirang a very rich person?" a number of questions swirled in his head.

His curiosity grew and he remembered that uncle Banu had told him to just open the door. After saying hello, the door in front of him was immediately opened.

How surprised Utuh Bakencong saw the inside of the house. How not? In addition to the narrow space, some items seem to be scattered, some of the floors are also broken, and some ceilings are loose

"Is this a house or a goat shed?" he muttered again.

In order to avoid unwanted events, he rushed to pick up the claws of the garbage rake with the stem. It was used to make sure there were no snakes in the house. The condition of a messy house during the rainy season like this is indeed very favored by snakes as a place to lay eggs.

Fortunately, not a single snake was found in here. He carefully cleaned the whole room.

"Hard to clean!" he muttered a little loudly.

However, he did not necessarily work on floor repairs and others. Questions about this house still linger in his heart and mind. For example, why should a broken floor be covered with wire instead of wood. That's why, he asked uncle Banu.

He also received an answer, "It was deliberately using a wire because his old house will be used as a palace for abandoned stray cats."

Instantly his heart touched. It turned out that Haji Hirang was very noble-hearted. With great enthusiasm he immediately repaired the house to completion. (MJA).

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Air Naik


Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Meaning of Love Poems for Utuh Bakencong

The poems of Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda, Afrizal Malna, and Agus S. Sardjono so strongly attracted Utuh Bakencong's interest in writing poetry. That's why, since this morning he started reading a book about writing this literary genre.

In the book it is written that if you want to become a great poet, you must read a lot. Especially books related to selected themes, such as love, family, and society. Following this suggestion, he brought a pile of love-themed books. For him, the theme of love is worthy of being written in poetry. Because, love is never lasting in the history of human life from time to time.

He planned to read a pile of books one by one. He started the reading process. Sheet after sheet devoured mercilessly. While his face was not as fresh as before.

"I've only read one book, my eyes are sleepy. My brain is tired too. But, I can't give up!" he exclaimed.

Sure enough, he took another book. Read it seriously. And so on until he fell asleep in a sitting position. An hour later he was sleeping soundly on his back.

Seconds clock continues to move towards a matter of minutes, and so the way. And somehow, suddenly he woke up. He saw a pile of messy books nearby. Then this young man quickly tidied it up.

"Oh! I've been asleep for quite a while. I have to write poetry now. Now, that's the paper I prepared earlier!" he said softly.

Several blank sheets of white paper were deliberately used as a medium for writing "future" poems. Hopefully he can write a good poem today.

Now, he has finished writing a poem, but he is not satisfied with the result. Immediately he clotted and threw away the paper containing the poem. As if tireless, he wrote the poem again on another blank paper. The result is the same.

With sleepy eyes, he continued to write poetry until he could no longer hold back the drowsiness and finally fell asleep. (MJA).

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Usaha Menyuburkan Tanaman


Friday, March 4, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Relaxing Series: Caramel Popcorn

After buying rice and salt, Utuh Bakencong also wanted to bring raw dry corn for his two nephews. Fortunately, not far from where he stands, there is a seller of the main ingredients to make this delicious popcorn. Without further ado, he immediately bought it.

"I'm sure they'll be very happy to see what I've brought," he muttered under his breath as he walked towards his older brother's house.

Right in front of the house, the older brother was sweeping the yard. After reciprocating greetings, he immediately entered the house and found his two nephews in the family room.

"What are you guys doing?" Utuh Bakencong opened the conversation.

"Here we are playing, Uncle," replied Ahya, one of his nephews.

"What are you playing?" he was curious.

Then he approached the paper they were playing with.

"Oh, it looks like this toy. Now see what I brought?"

The two of them looked back and their faces instantly brightened. The boys looked very happy.

"Hooray! Dry corn! Let's make popcorn!" both exclaimed.

"Come on, let's go to the kitchen!" Utuh Bakencong's voice is no less loud.

The three of them left the living room and headed for the kitchen. Arriving at this cooking room, Ahya and Ikrima immediately looked for the ingredients mentioned by Utuh Bakencong. For example now, they are both looking for sugar. In fact, what they are looking for is in the hands of the uncle.

"What are you guys looking for?" asked Utuh Bakencong.


"This sugar is in my hand"

Then they both laughed merrily.

Yes, Utuh Bakencong deliberately hid it so that the atmosphere became more relaxed and exciting.

The cooking process begins. Utuh Bakencong mentioned the order of ingredients to make it, then his two nephews practiced it swiftly. After everything was complete, the uncle stirred and shook the pot filled with corn, sugar, and cooking oil until it was cooked.

"Now, take this caramel popcorn into the living room. We'll just eat there," said Utuh Bakencong to his nieces and nephews.

Soon, they too enjoy it in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. (MJA).

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Memasak Mi Buncis


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

It's Better To Think Than To Trouble Others

Utuh Bakencong remembered the complaint of one of his friends last week. In a story he listened to, he realized that making trouble for others was a crime against humanity. How not? His friend got sick because one of his teachers made it difficult for him to graduate. His stomach was queasy, his head was dizzy, and his soul was too stressed.

So, Utuh Bakencong remembered his silat teacher. The teacher once said to him, "Be compassionate like a taro leaf who doesn't have the heart to let rainwater fall to the earth."

For him, loving God's fellow creatures is a very ideal principle in life and living. That is why, he always tries to spread kindness. For example, at this time, he is thinking hard about how to prevent floods from hitting his village. So hard to think, he was getting bored and decided to entertain himself.

He took advantage of the moment before the soccer final between Indonesia and Thailand as entertainment. Before the match started, he wanted to predict who the winner would be. But, until now he has not found a new way to predict it.

After thinking for a while, he came up with a brilliant idea. He spread out two thin sheets of paper. The first paper reads Indonesia and the second Thailand.

The paper that fell in his hand with the name of the country in the top position became the winner of the championship. The two papers finally fell in his hands. And, Indonesian writing can be read clearly, while the other paper is just plain white. He was cheering and dancing with joy.

However, he did not necessarily remain silent. If the final first leg was predicted on paper, then the second leg he predicted using culinary. More specifically, cat food.

He immediately prepared two empty plates. Then he poured cat food into them. Once filled, he called his pet cat to eat. Without waiting long the cat chose the Indonesian plate. Once again he was very relaxed. In fact, this time he was happier than before. (MJA).

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Awalnya Dikira Bumerang