Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Runs Out of Oil

It has become a habit for Utuh Bakencong to enjoy a cup of warm black coffee every afternoon. This afternoon, for example, he went to the kitchen to heat water to brew coffee. And, how disappointed he was because the kerosene in the stove had run out.

He also looked very sad and confused because kerosene was scarce in his area.

"Ouch! If it's like this, how can I cook?" he asked quietly.

To convey the turmoil of his heart, he twirled the winnow and played with the spatula. Not long after, he accidentally saw a stove in the corner of his kitchen.

"Oh yeah. I kept the stove there a few months ago!" his memories flowed as fast as his vision.

Inevitably, his heart was overjoyed. He hurriedly took the object and luckily there was still firewood in his kitchen.

"Excellent!" he exclaimed.

Excitedly, he lit the wood and heated the water. So, this afternoon he too can feel the pleasure of brewing warm black coffee. (MJA)

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.