Sunday, February 20, 2022

Utuh Bakencong and Utuh Humbut Gossip


There seems to be nothing more delicious in the morning than a warm cup of coffee. Its distinctive aroma combined with a bitter sour taste makes the soul calm in the simplicity of life. That's what Utuh Humbut did on the front porch while waiting for Utuh Bakencong this morning.

"Very enjoyable!" he said in an honest mumble.

Meanwhile the sound of the vehicle's engine was passing in the air waves with a loud noise. And, some time later a greeting was heard from the direction of the rising sun.

"Assalamu'alaikum!" cried Utuh Bakencong.

Utuh Humbut replied happily.

"Tears?" asked Utuh Bakencong about his friend's news in the Bakumpai language.

"I'm well."

"Oh yeah, I heard a young man who lives back there was drunk at the market last night. I forgot his name."

"Oh that's Uncle Otong. His full name is Lontong Zaman. He was so drunk last night that some people carried him on a stretcher to his house."

"Wow! What the hell is going on that he's drunk like that?"

"Love problems. He failed to marry the woman he loved so much."

"Who is that woman?"

"Uncle Lamak's favorite daughter."

They seemed so excited to talk about Uncle Otong. Every now and then they both burst out laughing. Occasionally also enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

"Hopefully Uncle Otong will be fine," hoped Utuh Bakencong.

Utuh Humbut immediately agreed.

Shortly after, the two of them ended the casual conversation and went to the side of the house. Yes, some of the side walls of the house had to be repaired after strong winds hit the area last night. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.