Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Accompany Utuh Humbut Craftsman

The houses of the two youths are not far apart. If you walk, the distance between their two houses can be reached in just two minutes. So, it is not surprising that the two often visit each other. Like this morning, when Utuh Humbut was repairing the ceiling, Utuh Bakencong came to him.

And it was the habit of Whole Humbut when he had something to do, he always served delicious cakes and drinks on the terrace of the house. The reason is simple, to get him excited while the work is taking place. It is also what makes Utuh Bakencong always interested in participating in eating and drinking it.

This morning was no exception, he immediately turned to look at the delicious cakes on the table not far from where he was standing. After seeing his friend sawing plywood in the house, he immediately ate the cake secretly. In addition, he also put two cakes into his pants pocket.

Not long after, he greeted Utuh Humbut.

"What are you doing?"

"This is again cutting plywood to replace the damaged ceiling."

"Broken by what?"

"It's raining."

"That means the roof is leaking."

"That's right."

Utuh Bakencong also accompanied and helped Utuh Humbut replace the ceiling until it was finished.

"After this what's on your agenda?" Utuh Bakencong opened the conversation again.

"There's work at Lulut river."

"Wow, that's far. What do you go up there?"

"Just ride a motorbike to get there faster."

They continued to talk for some time. Not long after, the two of them separated to their respective places. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.