Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Utuh Bakencong and Cat Palace

A WhatsApp message was received by Utuh Bakencong tonight. He also read the message from uncle Banu carefully. It contained a job offer to repair Haji Hirang's house complete with an address and accompanied by an appeal so that he would accept the job. Yes, it is said that Haji Hirang is a very rich person so there is no need to think about payment. Just come, work, then get paid. In fact, there may even be an added bonus after the job is done. Without thinking, he immediately agreed.

The next day complete with handyman equipment, he went to the house. And, when he arrived in front of Haji Hirang's house, he was suddenly surprised.

"Is this really his house? But, how small is it? Isn't Haji Hirang a very rich person?" a number of questions swirled in his head.

His curiosity grew and he remembered that uncle Banu had told him to just open the door. After saying hello, the door in front of him was immediately opened.

How surprised Utuh Bakencong saw the inside of the house. How not? In addition to the narrow space, some items seem to be scattered, some of the floors are also broken, and some ceilings are loose

"Is this a house or a goat shed?" he muttered again.

In order to avoid unwanted events, he rushed to pick up the claws of the garbage rake with the stem. It was used to make sure there were no snakes in the house. The condition of a messy house during the rainy season like this is indeed very favored by snakes as a place to lay eggs.

Fortunately, not a single snake was found in here. He carefully cleaned the whole room.

"Hard to clean!" he muttered a little loudly.

However, he did not necessarily work on floor repairs and others. Questions about this house still linger in his heart and mind. For example, why should a broken floor be covered with wire instead of wood. That's why, he asked uncle Banu.

He also received an answer, "It was deliberately using a wire because his old house will be used as a palace for abandoned stray cats."

Instantly his heart touched. It turned out that Haji Hirang was very noble-hearted. With great enthusiasm he immediately repaired the house to completion. (MJA).

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