Friday, March 18, 2022

Unexpected Chicken Coop

 (Utuh Bakencong Relaxing Series)

The heavy rain did not dampen Utuh Bakencong's intention to make the flower rack of his dreams. Armed with an umbrella he braved the splashing water from the sky. The cold wet air also couldn't hold his stride. He kept walking and he arrived at a place where people were selling building wood.

Arriving there, Gayam's uncle was not there. The wood seller was eating at Haruan's small shop. For some time, Utuh Bakencong waited, waiting until Uncle Gayam appeared in front of him. And, like ripe fruit on a tree, Utuh Bakencong finally brought home four logs under the rain and cold wet air.

"Tired of carrying wood too. It's raining again. Luckily, the ingredients are there. Now all you have to do is make the flower rack. Oh flower rack!" he muttered, smiling to himself at the thought of a beautiful flower rack.

Not long after, he also prepared tools such as hammer, saw, and his meter. Yes, this young man has been fond of carpentry since childhood. So it's only natural that he likes to buy equipment in that world.

"Now all the equipment is ready for use. Time to move!' he exclaimed.

Utuh Bakencong began to measure the length of the wood he needed. Her heart is blossoming. While his mind is in the shadow of the beautiful ornamental plants on the flower rack of his dreams later.

Then he carefully sawed one by one into short pieces.

While unwinding after sawing, he mumbled, "I'm done chopping up these four logs."

Slowly he put all the pieces of wood on the floor. Meanwhile the image of the ornamental plants in his head had disappeared somewhere. He looked closely at the cut in front of him.

"Wait! Looks like these pieces didn't go according to plan. Oops! I'll check again!" he muttered.

For a few moments he was very serious observing everything.

"Yeah, right, this turns out to be wrong! If you want to make a flower rack, it's not like this in length! Wadduuuuuuh! So what can you make of these woods?" Whole Bakencong was really confused.

He leaned back in the long chair with a blocked mind and a broken heart.

And, suddenly an idea popped into his head, "Yes! I know now! I'm going to build a chicken coop with these pieces of wood. That's right, a chicken coop!"

Without wasting any time, he immediately moved to make a chicken coop that was beyond his expectation. One by one the pieces of wood are assembled into a strong frame. Then he put the wire as the wall. Do not forget he also made the cage door.

"Finally finished!" he cried with joy. (MJA)

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.