Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Meaning of Love Poems for Utuh Bakencong

The poems of Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda, Afrizal Malna, and Agus S. Sardjono so strongly attracted Utuh Bakencong's interest in writing poetry. That's why, since this morning he started reading a book about writing this literary genre.

In the book it is written that if you want to become a great poet, you must read a lot. Especially books related to selected themes, such as love, family, and society. Following this suggestion, he brought a pile of love-themed books. For him, the theme of love is worthy of being written in poetry. Because, love is never lasting in the history of human life from time to time.

He planned to read a pile of books one by one. He started the reading process. Sheet after sheet devoured mercilessly. While his face was not as fresh as before.

"I've only read one book, my eyes are sleepy. My brain is tired too. But, I can't give up!" he exclaimed.

Sure enough, he took another book. Read it seriously. And so on until he fell asleep in a sitting position. An hour later he was sleeping soundly on his back.

Seconds clock continues to move towards a matter of minutes, and so the way. And somehow, suddenly he woke up. He saw a pile of messy books nearby. Then this young man quickly tidied it up.

"Oh! I've been asleep for quite a while. I have to write poetry now. Now, that's the paper I prepared earlier!" he said softly.

Several blank sheets of white paper were deliberately used as a medium for writing "future" poems. Hopefully he can write a good poem today.

Now, he has finished writing a poem, but he is not satisfied with the result. Immediately he clotted and threw away the paper containing the poem. As if tireless, he wrote the poem again on another blank paper. The result is the same.

With sleepy eyes, he continued to write poetry until he could no longer hold back the drowsiness and finally fell asleep. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.