Friday, March 11, 2022

Pulling Out The "Style" Utuh Bakencong Grass

The wind was blowing gently from the east that afternoon. From a distance, it looks like Utuh Bakencong is engrossed in pulling grass in his yard. True, although he likes to joke, this young man is actually diligent in his life.

While continuing to move his hands, he muttered, "While I have free time like this, I'd better use it to pull the grass."

Yes, it has become a habit when he is at work he likes to mumble. The reasons are unique and make you laugh. He said, with that he felt he was accompanied by a beautiful angel from the third sky.

And, for him, cleanliness is beauty in itself, including being clean from weeds that irritate the heart. When the eye sees its beauty, the soul feels comfortable and happy.

In his yard, he also grows laos, temulawak, and others. Without exception, the grass also grows on the sidelines. That's why, in this section he had to slowly pull it out so as not to damage the kitchen plants.

"Now it's time to weed in the backyard!" he muttered as he walked with the bucket as a container for the grass that had been pulled out.

There's more grass back here than on the side. This makes Utuh Bakencong have to exert extra strength. Well, when pulling grass whose roots penetrated the ground rather deeply, he fell backwards because the top part of the grass broke off. The roots are too strong to grip the ground. That's why he decided to use a machete to make it easier to pull out the grass.

Meanwhile the sun continues to inching towards the west. The tree branches covered some of the reddish-orange light. Seeing such nature, he ended his activities this afternoon.

"I got two, first healthy and second clean. Great!" he muttered again as he enjoyed a refreshing drink under the late afternoon sky. (MJA).

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.