Sunday, March 20, 2022

Utuh Bakencong Santuy Series: Stealing the Dough

It's still too early. The dew looks so comfortable hanging on the ripe leaves. Up there, a collection of black clouds forms the backdrop for an exotic naturalist painting. Meanwhile, Utuh Bakencong is busy preparing equipment for making dumplings. Like at this time he was busy with a basin. While staring intently, he turned the concave object made of thin white steel carefully.

"Having holes or not, is this basin?" he asked himself over and over again.

Not satisfied with the results of his sense of sight, he took an old kettle filled with water. Slowly he poured the water into the basin. And, after making sure there was no dripping water, then he prepared the ingredients for making the buns.

There is flour, cornstarch, white butter, liquid coconut milk, yeast, chicken eggs, sugar, and a little salt. Carefully, one by one he mixed the ingredients according to the recipe that Acil Binjai gave him. Yes, that's how these young women are usually called by society. A woman who is very adept at cooking in a variety of daily menus.

Like a master rower, Utuh Bakencong continued to knead the dough for the buns so that it quickly became smooth. Starting from pressing to beating the dough mercilessly.

Now, it's time for the dough to be covered with plastic.

After an hour, Utuh Bakencong opened the lid of the dough. Oh, how sad her heart. How not? It turned out that the dough he made did not rise. This means that the process of making the buns by him failed miserably.

In the midst of his turmoil, he accidentally heard acil Binjai's words with someone through the telephone line. Acil Binjai in the conversation said he was making bakpao and soon he could be left behind.

Instantly an idea flashed and landed in Utuh Bakencong's head. That's right, he just thought of stealing the dough for the buns from his next door neighbor. Without wasting an opportunity, Utuh Bakencong sneaked in and managed to steal the dough made by Acil Binjai.

For him, this was part of his revenge for being annoyed that Acil Binjai had lied to him about the recipe for making dumplings. The young woman who likes to chew betel nut is also known as a liar.

Nevertheless, Utuh Bakencong finally handed over the cooked buns to Acil Binjai and enjoyed the deliciousness together. (MJA)

Watch the short film of this series in the following video.