Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Indonesian Muslims Have Opportunities to Color World Civilization

Din Syamsuddin in an online discussion titled Is the Optimism of Muslims Building a New Civilization: How Going Forward? / RMOL

So according to former Chairman of the Central Muhammadiyah Chairman, Din Syamsuddin. He explained that the opportunity could be through the potential and resources they have.

As reported by RMOL, Wednesday (5/20/2020) Din emphasized that, however, contextual planning and strategy was needed after the development and challenges of the era in the eruption era like today.

This was conveyed when he filled the online discussion # 10 Muhammadiyah Branch of Pondok Labu titled "Is There Optimism of Muslims Building A New Civilization: How To Go Forward?" on Tuesday night (5/19).

"That globally Indonesian Muslims have a chance or opportunity, existence and readiness to color the rise of global civilization, not only in the Islamic world," Din Syamsuddin said.

"Strategic and strategic planning are needed. Especially our strategy must be adjusted, self adjustment is adjusted to a new situation," he continued.

Quoting the report, according to Din Syamsuddin, if previously Muslims in Indonesia were only considered to be the majority in the number of adherents. Currently, Indonesian Muslims have embodied these things with the potential of their resources and work in the world.

"If previously many other Islamic countries looked down on Indonesian Islam, it was considered that our Islam was syncretic, only large in number and number. But after knowing the real activities carried out by Islamic mass organizations, including in particular Muhammadiyah, they shook their heads so , "he said.

"This means that this is an opportunity and optimism," Din Syamsuddin said as reported by the media.